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10. Andrea Faustini - I Didn't Know My Own Strength (The X Factor UK) 0:08
9. Jillian Jensen - Who You Are (The X Factor USA) 1:54
8. Jasmin Elcock - Believe (Britain's Got Talent) 3:58
7. Dorota Osinska - Calling You (The Voice Of Poland) 6:06
6. Aidan Martin - Punchline (The X Factor UK) 7:52
5. Josh Daniel - Jealous (The X Factor UK) 10:42
4. Harry Gardner - Not Alone (Britain's Got Talent) 12:57
3. Caitlyn Vanbeck - Piece By Piece (The X Factor UK) 15:16
2. Grace Davies - Roots (The X Factor UK) 17:00
1. Christian Burrows - Two Again (The X Factor UK) 19:53
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