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639Hz ⬖ Manifest Love + Heal Old Negative Energy | Long Version | A Journey Within

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639Hz ⬖ Manifest Love ⬖ Heal Old Negative Energy | 9 Hours Version | A Journey Within

Let the smooth hum..mms derived from an angelic choir gently take you to a journey within. Experience this smooth soundscape, perfectly tuned to 639Hz for the healing old negative emotions & manifesting love.

⬖ Benefits of 639Hz Solfeggio Healing Frequency ⬖
+ Enables creation of harmonious interpersonal relationships.
+ Enhances communication, understanding, tolerance and attract love.
+ Very helpful for Healing Heart Chakra.
+ Cleanses negative emotions and energies.

???? Meditate, Heal and Energise your day.
???? Save our Frequency Healing Playlist → https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsuCfYXzi5DIQIJ1aHf3X4LKtmjKyj5Az

If you would like us to create a longer version of this track, do let us know in the comments below.

⬖ Credits ⬖
Music : @Dilpreet Bhatia
ⓒ ℗ 2021 @Meditative Mind . All Rights Reserved.
Audio for personal use only. Copying, re-uploading, sampling, synchronization not permitted.

Track Name : 639Hz ⬖ A Journey Within
ISRC : AUTMZ2110310
SKU : 60Lau-si6b4
APID : AP0079

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