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Daiyan Trisha – Penat (feat. TUJU) [Official Audio]

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Daiyan Trisha – Penat [feat. TUJU] [Official Audio]

Strim 'Penat feat. TUJU' di: https://wmm.lnk.to/Penat-ftTuju

Composer: Daiyan Trisha, TUJU
Lyricist: Daiyan Trisha, TUJU, LOCA B
Music Producer: Kuizz
Music Arranger: Kuizz
Music Programmer: Kuizz
Mix & Mastering Engineer: Jeson Huang

Lirik Lagu:
katakan kepadaku
ini semua hanya sementara
sakit hati yang ku rasa
tak pernah ku menyangka
cinta kita ini penghujungnya
kita berdua tak sama

kau tak pernah peduli
kau tak pernah mengerti
hati yang kau sakiti

menantimu di sini
sampai di akhir masa

dengan ini ku tutup, segala rasa rasa hati,
ku ingin penghujung,
tapi kau ada di mana mana lagi,

dan lagi,
ku membunuh,
ku memisahkan,
dalam diam

maafkan kerana aku di khayalan ku,
maafkan cintaku tak resiprokasi
maaf janjiku membuta, luka ku membuat luka
emosi dalam sedih yang tiada ertinya,

ku tak tahu harus bagaimana
berikan apa ku tak pernah rasa
harapan ku esok pelangi di mana mana,
penat tidak terasa , kita memori indah

mengetuk pintu perasaan ku di waktu runtuh,
ku buka gelap tapi hampir ke subuh,
ku harap cerita kita hujungnya bahagia,
seperti dulu boleh menyentuh dunia,

aku penat
menantimu di sini
ku tunggu kau kembali
oh, penat
aku penat
hatiku kau miliki
sampai di akhir masa

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About Daiyan Trisha:
Young, multi-talented, intelligent with a charming energy and confidence – that’s Daiyan Trisha. Started her professional career in 2014, Daiyan has since then graced the Malaysian entertainment industry with her talent as well as being the face of renowned brands. A degree holder, a songwriter, a musician and an artist true to her passion. She is now Malaysian’s most
influential millennial icons with millions of followers across social media.

Before releasing the first single of her career as an artist in 2014, ‘Kerana Kau’, Daiyan had been posting song covers on her YouTube channel. She also started acting in a local TV series titled Dee that same year where she was not only required to act, but to sing as well. Not long after that, she was selected to represent Malaysia to sing ‘The Glow’ anthem for Disney Channel with three other singers from Southeast Asia. In 2018, Daiyan was featured in Indonesian singer Calvin Jeremy's single ‘Kita’ and it resulted in her touring several Indonesian cities for radio interviews and road shows for the song. With her dual talent in singing and acting, she is able to merge both in some of the TV series or telemovies she’s in such as ‘Kerana Kau’ for her acting debut in Dee The Series and lends her voice to the movie Busker with the song ‘Ingat’. Daiyan has also appeared in Girlfriend Kontrak, My Coffee Prince, and the latest one was Project: Anchor SPM.

Daiyan is also a poet, which she shares on a separate Instagram account, @tulisanbydaiyantrisha – because writing has helped her cope with a lot of things that were happening in her life. Her talent, authenticity and high content engagement are what make her sought after by brands and other artistes that want to work with her.

Entering the 7th year of her professional career, aside from being the spokesperson and
ambassadors, Daiyan Trisha has worked with a numerous of brands across Malaysia and South East Asia for engagements and campaigns such as Sunsilk, Carefree, a panty liner brand in which she also wrote a song called “Rasai Kebebasan”, the Eid campaign for an international brand Levi’s, H&M, Garmin Venu, Kate Spade New York, YSL Beauty and Acuvue to name a few. In 2019, Daiyan also represented Malaysia for numerous PR trips all over the world, such as Kiehls in New York and Helsinki, Longchamp in Paris, Netflix in Tokyo and many more. Currently, Daiyan is the ambassador for Samsung Malaysia and Astro Go.

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