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Early Morning Chants || Peaceful Positive Energy Mantras

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Peaceful Early Morning Chants. Start your mornings with positive energy and good vibes of these ancient vedic and kundalini mantras. Connect with your inner self. You can also use these mantras for your morning meditation.
Hum Hi Hum - 00:02
Soham Shivoham - 10:00
Sat Nam - 19:06
Mere Ram - 29:11
Hare Krishna - 39:27
Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo - 50:24
Choose the mantra you connect with and feel one with and you can chant along or do silent meditation as the mantra plays in the background. These mantras are roughly around 10-11 mins long. If you like to meditate longer, 1 to 3 hours versions are also there on our channel. Hope this will help you. Infinite Love and Gratitude Always.
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