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J.S. Bach - Andrea Bacchetti plays Bach- -Dynamic

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BBC music magazine Disc of the month.
" The brilliant Italian pianist Andrea Bacchetti proves that not even the slighest of Bach's keyboard works should be overlooked" by Michel Tanner - BBC Music magazine- Sept. 2009.
Bacchetti strikes a fine balance, making the piano work on his own (or, one might say, Bach's) terms while avoiding the instrument's potentially Romantic character. The result is austere, and gives a sense of the musisc's peculiar slf-containment if this music could paly itself this is what it would sound like"
Two part inventions Bwv 772-786
Sinfonias Bwv 787-801
French suite No.6 in E major Bwv 817
Partita No.2 in C Minor Bwv 826
Sechs kleine Praeludien
Kleine Praeludien aus dem Clavierbuechlein
Kleine Fugen und Praeluden mit Fughetten
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