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K-Pop New Releases - March 2021 Week 1 - K-Pop ICYMI

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Get caught up with this week's new K-Pop Song releases and stuff I might have missed on my charts with K-Pop ICYMI (In Case You Missed It). Here's a spotlight on some of the latest K-Pop (including, Pop, Hip-Hop, Rock, Dance and K-Indie) releases for March 2021 Week 1 (week ending March 6, 2021).

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AC Block:
Choi Subin (최수빈) - Why Is Your Heart Different From Mine (네 마음은 왜 내 마음 같지 않을까)
Mellow Kitchen Feat. Isaac Hong (멜로우 키친, 홍이삭) - Like a Star (저 별처럼)
OWLER Feat. Austn (아울러) - Mandarin
HWIHYUN (휘현) - I Love You (new) (사랑의 시작은 고백에서부터 (new))
ZanHyang (잔향) - The Hill of Wind (바람의 언덕)
Tritops (트리탑스) - Green Frog 2021 (청개구리)
GSoul & Ben (지소울, 벤) - Can Love Be Fair? (사랑이 공평할 순 없을까)
PARKMOONCHI, Young K (박문치) - What a Wonderful Word

OST Block:
It's (이츠) - Beautiful Night(참 예쁜 밤이야) (25 (반오십) OST)
Sung Hoon, Lee Minyoung (성훈, 이민영) - With You Forever (모든 날 함께해) (Love Feat. Marriage & Divorce (결혼작사 이혼작곡) OST)
Raina (레이나) - Waiting For You (오늘 연락해) (How To Be Thirty (아직 낫서른) OST)
Baek A Yeon (백아연) - Sweet Home (집에만 있었지) (Bunny And Guys (바니와 오빠들) OST)
LYn (린) - Write About You (그댈 새겨두어요) (Romance 101 (바른연애 길잡이) OST)
Soya X Din Din (소야, 딘딘) - 3!4! (Hello, Me! (안녕? 나야!) OST)
Kim Feel (김필) - Someday (어떤 날은) (The Handsome Masked Café Worker (잘 생긴 카페 알바생 마기꾼이었음ㄷㄷ) OST)
Yang Yoseob X Jeong Eunji (양요섭, 정은지) - LOVE DAY (2021) (Romance 101 (바른연애 길잡이) OST)

K-Indie / Rock Block:
Han Sangdo (한상도) - Slipped
sucozy - Blue Moon (푸른 달)
KURO - forget me not
Baek Joo (백주) - You Don't Have To Answer All The Questions (모든 질문에 대답할 필요 없잖아요)
Dinner Coat (디너코트) - Your Voice Makes Me Dream (그대 목소리에 난 어느새 꿈속이에요)
IZ (아이즈) - Say Yes

EDM / Dance Block:
MIN Feat. Dami - Ride
Universe Mongae (우주멍게) - Roller Coaster Tycoon
JNS (제이엔에스) - Witch Hunt (Sojeso Remix)

R&B / Hip-Hop Block:
Minsung (민성) - Lovely
Turami Feat. viblue, seoeun (뚜라미) - colors
1300 - Brr
eldon - Law
E:Rn (이른) - Pretend To Know (아는 척)
OLNL Feat. Soovi (오르내림) - PAPI (바삐)
YONGYONG Feat. Jayci Yucca (용용) - He's Gone
Chanhyun (찬현) - Answer Me
Young la Flores, Old Clothez, Irochigai & Kim Sungyu (영라, 이로치가이 (いろちがい), 김선규) - Good Boys
Junoflo (주노플로) - Message In A Bottle
Nucksal (넉살) - FEEL THE WAVE
Wonstein (원슈타인) - X (Butterfly)
GEMINI, Jay Park (제미나이, 박재범) - Trip
MC Mong (MC몽) - Blind (눈이 멀었다)

Pop Block:
OH MY GIRL (오마이걸) - BOGGLE BOGGLE (보글보글)
LEEBADA (이바다) - Love Drug
Hui & Shinwon (후이 & 신원) - WTH
TRI.BE (트라이비) - Loca
General SSO Feat. KURO (쏘대장) - Bacteria Men
A.C.E (에이스) - Jindo Arirang (진도 아리랑 (전사 (前史)))
ONEUS (원어스) - Rewind (우리의 시간은 거꾸로 흐른다)
J-Hope - Blue Side
Epik High Feat Miso (에픽하이) - True Crime
G-reyish (그레이시)- Breath (숨) (Blood Night)
DEMIAN Feat. Dawn (데미안, 던) - LOVE%
Park Ji Hoon Feat. Lee Hi (박지훈, 이하이) - Call U Up
VERIVERY (베리베리) - Get Away
MCND (엠시엔디) - Not Over (아직 끝난거 아이다)
iKON (아이콘) - Why. Why. Why (왜왜왜)
Rain Feat. Chung Ha (비, 청하) - Why Don't We
MC Mong Feat. Shin Yong Jae (MC몽, 신용재) - Myosotis (Forget-Me-Not) (물망초)
MC Mong Feat. Jo Hyuna (엠씨몽, 조현아) - There Can't Be A Good Breadkup (좋은 이별이 있을 리가 없잖아
ATEEZ (에이티즈) - I'm The One (Fireworks) (불놀이야)

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