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Let Go of Negative Thoughts┇Wipe Out Negative Energy┇Erase Subconscious Negative Patterns Music

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This track features music based on 417Hz Solfeggio Frequency known for its benefits in facilitating the removal of negative energy, negative thoughts and emotions out of our system.
Release all that trapped negative energy and feel a profound sense of inner peace and calm. As you let go all this weight that's pulling you down, you will also start to experience positive changes in your body and surroundings. As all that trapped negativity slowly moves away from us, our body feels more light, more flexible, our skin glows, and our face starts to shine. !!
Here are some affirmations which can be helpful in your practice to wipe out all the negativity in and around you.
1. I let go of all the thoughts which no longer serve me.
2. I let go of the need to replay things over and over in my mind
3. I let go of the old habits that pull me down and replace them with new positive ones.
4. I let go of all the worries and fears and trust in the creator's plan
5. I let go of all the guilt, resentment, sadness and allow myself to fogive. Forgive others and myself.
6. I let go of all the past and allow myself to live fully in the present.
7. I allow myself to rest, rest fully and deeply.
417Hz Sleep Music :
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