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Official Video for “FAITHFUL” by Macklemore Featuring NLE Choppa

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Can’t call it, don’t know where my head is
Reflecting on Malcolm, and the shit I thought but never said it
To Peter, Robin, to Kevin... all my other friendships
That could have, would have, should have and then they ended
I isolate between happiness and hopeless
Know what makes it worse? Still wanna get loaded
Sometimes I feel like I can’t control my choices
And something takes over and I can’t turn off the voices
Sitting with these thoughts can’t escape ‘em, can’t run
Got some bullets in the dresser as I polish my… gun
They say that a day clean is a day won 
But I’m holding on, praying to a God abandoned
Zoning on the couch, staring at my daughters
Know there’s a pill in this house that I’m obsessing about popping
Reservations talking, the push and pull of the conscience
Should probably pick up the phone and call my sponsor but don’t wanna
When the percs don’t work, zannys won’t calm you down
Not enough liquor in the bar weed grown in the ground
Trapped by these walls where my brain can’t get out
Wondering if my mama have to put her son in the ground

We still going when the day break
Me and the homies on the same page
Find me in the whip, that’s my safe place
Feel like I’m getting weak, I need some AA
Need someone to pray for my soul right now
Everything’s looking gray, and there’s no white clouds
I don’t what to say, I got nothing to write down
On my knees questioning God, like why now?
I’m lost, but I’m found again

I’m up all night, I toss and turn
I love my life, I got concerns
I’ve been through hell, on some FML
It’s just as well, I might lose it
I need some light, I need some air
I might be broken, I need repair
Don't got the answers, think I’m confused
I ask myself: who are you?

I need you right now Mack to wake up more than ever
Ain’t no more weed, alcohol, and popping pills, et cetera
I know these days gettin rough but they get better
It’s a cold world, let’s go to the Gucci store for a sweater
Feel it deeply in my heart you need this letter
So I pour my feelings out to you before I go and mail it 
I don’t know what I’m sensing, but I can smell it
When you write me back just tell it 
Ima soak it up, inhale it
Heard you got a daughter, well I got one too
And she too beautiful, barely see her too
Do you hug her and tie her shoes?
Is she reflecting of you?
And got a smile that bloom?
Before you load that gun and shoot
Just know that she be needing you
The best version of you too
I would write more but my day about to break
We can meet up face to face
Just let me know if that’s ok


STARRING: Macklemore & NLE Choppa
DIRECTED BY: John Peterson
PRODUCED BY: Honna Kimmerer & Tricia Davis
EDITED BY: John Peterson, Jake Magraw & Macklemore
ART DIRECTOR: Tricia Davis
PROP MASTER: Sara Greene
STYLISTS: Miquelle West (NLE Choppa) / Tricia Davis (Macklemore & Cast)
HMU: Ty Mosby (NLE Choppa) 
Drone Op - Ethan Scoma
1st AC - Nick Kelling
1st & 2nd AC - Ethan Scoma
DIT - Thatcher Kelley
COLORIST: Zachary Hetlage
VFX: Felix Thedeby
Gaffer - Lucas Chapel
Key Grip - Paul Lindstrom
SFX: Brandon Davis
PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS: Marcus Lee & Davis Lonergan
Production Coord - Shelly Andrews
Casting - Brian Beegle
1st AC - Grey Paul
2nd AC - Mark McClintock
Gaffer - Brian Stansfield
Key Grip - Carlos Valdes-Lora
Swing - Juan Cordero
Location Manager - Dodd Vickers
Location Assist - Brandon WIgley
PA - Justin Washington
Police - Tyler Cooper
BTS: Charles Johnson & Jake Magraw
CAST: Seth McDonald, Jake Magraw, Emma Saffel, Autumn Read, Rachel Read, Ben Bladon
SPECIAL THANKS TO: Ben Secord, Frank Hendler, Split Second Management, Izvor Zivkovic, Lizzie Hardy, Nick Beeba, NLE Choppa Management, Momma Choppa, Tricky Montgomery, Paul Riordan, Cheryl Higbee & Olympic National Park, Tasso Costarides, Luke Bevil & Majestic Diner, Ryan Haug & Motion State, Ryan Brien, Chris Ratcliff & Koerner Camera, Mike Farkas, Amanda Ornelas, Nicole Fina, Esther Minitser & AFX Creative, Joseph Nixon, Jacob Nixon, 159 Film Permitting & Production Services, Officer Robert Porter, Jeremiah Drueke, Robert Wales, Michael Brown & Eastman Kodak Company, Northwest Grip, Pacific Grip & Lighting, PC&E, Jessica Hernandez, Jaida Kimmerer, Lake Crescent Lodge
Macklemore, nle choppa, choppa
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