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Mantras to Start your Morning - BECOME CALM & PEACEFUL Inside | ATTRACT SUCCESS | Mantra Meditation

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This Track Features very powerful Mantras to Start your Mornings. These help in becoming Calm and Peaceful not just at the superficial level but meditating along will help in deep inner peace. Also Features Mantra to attract positivity and success. Just spend, less than 10 mins a day, make it a routine, You can also listen to this in your car while driving to work, The vibrations of the chants will still work. And if you can spare time in the early morning and meditate along with this, that will do wonders.
Features Mool Mantra and Pauri 1 to 5 of Japji Sahib.
1. Ik Onkar – Mool Mantra Meditation
2. Mantra for Knowing God – Sochai Soch Na Hovai
3. Mantra for Patience – Hukmi Hovan
4. Mantra for Self Confidence – Gavai ko Taan
5. Mantra for Inner Prosperity – Saacha Sahib Sach Naye
6. Mantra To Attract Success, Happiness and Overcoming Failure – Thapeya Na Jaaye.
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