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[MV] BOYFRIEND(보이프렌드) _ To My Bestfriend(약속할게)

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[MV] BOYFRIEND(보이프렌드) _ To My Bestfriend(약속할게)
Hello, this is 1theK. We are working on subtitles now!
Please come back and watch it again within a few hours.
Thank you for your waiting and continuing interest :)
The group BOYFRIEND has been working quietly between Japan and Korea for 5 years. This time they made a song that can thank the fans as well as cheer each other up. Their true feelings are shown well in the song. As if the song is talking for a man who is not used to confessing his love, a shy monologue continues. The determinations, promises of ‘always of being together’ and words of appreciations in their heart are shown in the song.
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어느덧 데뷔 5년차. 한국과 일본을 오가며 묵묵히 활동해온 그룹 보이프렌드가 서로에게는 응원을, 팬들에겐 감사의 마음을 노래에 담았다. 진심이 노래 안에 그대로 녹아있다. 사랑 고백에 서툰 남자가 아껴둔 말을 대신하듯 수줍은 독백이 쏟아진다. ‘고맙다’는 가슴에 담아둔 말, ‘언제나 함께 하자’는 약속과 멤버들의 각오를 노래로 대신했다.
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