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[MV] Dynamic Duo(다이나믹듀오) _ Three Dopeboyz (쌔끈해) (Feat. Zion.T(자이언티))

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[MV] Dynamic Duo(다이나믹듀오) _ Three Dopeboyz (쌔끈해) (Feat. Zion.T(자이언티))

Hello! this is LOEN MUSIC.

As you've noticed, we've been working on the English subtitles for our MVs and Originals.
But sometimes it is difficult to prepare subs on time.
Sorry to announce this. T-T
The subtitles for this clip will be uploaded within a few hours.
It would be great if you comeback in a few hours and watch it again!

We always thank you for your comments and advices.
(Yes, we actually read most of your comments)

All the best,

Dynamic Duo's 7th album 'LUCKYNUMBERS' sketches how Dynamic Duo members feel at the moment. They try different styles of beat and arrange various themes of trivial incidents that happen in daily life, techinically and emotionally. Balancing the atmosphere in the album, they express a lot of personality in their music style. Just like talking with friends, having a drink together, the stories are comfortable and the skits throughout the album tie the songs naturally.


[MV] Dynamic Duo(ダイナミックデュオ) _ BAAAM (feat. Muzie of UV)(ミュージof UV)


다이나믹듀오 7집 'LUCKYNUMBERS' 는 지금의 시점에서 다이나믹듀오가 느끼는 감정들을 스케치하는 형식으로 이루어 졌다. 여러 스타일의 비트를 다양하게 시도하면서 때로는 기술적으로, 때로는 감성적으로 일상 속에서 벌어지는 소소한 사건들을 다양한 주제로 배치해 앨범 전체의 완급조절을 이뤘으며, 각기 개성 있는 음악 스타일로 표현된 다양한 주제들 속에서 친구들과 술자리에서 주고 받는 듯 편한 이야기들로 이루어진 skit의 적절한 배치는 앨범 전체가 하나의 흐름으로 자연스럽게 묶어 질 수 있는 윤활유로 작용하였다.
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