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[MV] Onestar(임한별) _ The Way To Say Goodbye(이별하러 가는 길)

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[MV] Onestar(임한별) _ The Way To Say Goodbye(이별하러 가는 길)
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The talented vocalist, Onestar, returned as a solo artist in a decade, who will continue the genealogy of male solo ballad singers.

“The Way To Say Goodbye” is a song that expressed the steps of a man who is going to break up, which makes the listeners empathize with the feelings after inviting them as an observer. The sentimental and full sounds of an orchestra of 13 players and the horn session, the lyrics about the feelings of a man whose heart was broken by preparing for a breakup and the powerful and sentimental voice of Onestar made a fantastic harmony. We might empathize with the song since it is about our story repeating love and breakup and at the same time have a strange feeling to give a comforting message to someone who has to endure a breakup.
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