[MV] Sung Si-Kyung (성시경), Kim Kwang-Seok (김광석) _ Then I Wonder (그런걸까)


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[MV] Sung Si-Kyung (성시경), Kim Kwang-Seok (김광석) _ Then I Wonder (그런걸까)
Hello! this is 1theK.
As you've noticed, we've been working on the English subtitles for our MVs and Originals.
But sometimes it is difficult to prepare subs on time.
Sorry to announce this. T-T
The subtitles for this clip will be uploaded within a few hours.
It would be great if you comeback in a few hours and watch it again!
We always thank you for your comments and advices.
(Yes, we actually read most of your comments)
All the best,
‘New Song of the Connection’ is the 2nd project following the actor, Jungwoo's Penniliess Journey by the connection project which he challenged to see how far he could go only with the connections with people. After starting the journey by accepting applications of lyrics for 3 weeks from Sep 8th to 29th, the project attracted huge interest from the public with 13,743 applicants and 4.77M views for the campaign clip.
The 'New Song of the Connection' project, mainly done by participations of the public from the beginning to the end, was run to the effect of completing the song of the late Kim Kwang-Seok and connecting it to the world with the lyrics written by the public as well as the participations of junior musicians including Sung Si-Kyung, Jung Jae-Il, Shim Hyun-Bo, and others such as mentoring activities for writing lyrics and arrangement.
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‘연결의 신곡발표’ 는 9월 8일부터 29일까지 3주간 노랫말을 응모 받는 여정을 시작한 이후, 응모작만 무려 13,743건이 접수, 캠페인 영상은 477만 뷰를 돌파해 대중들의 큰 관심을 확인한 화제의 프로젝트이었다.
시작부터 끝까지 대중들의 참여를 중심으로 한 ‘연결의 신곡발표’ 프로젝트는 대중들이 故김광석의 곡에 노랫말을 더하고, 성시경, 정재일, 심현보 등의 후배 뮤지션들이 작사 멘토링 및 편곡 등을 통해 故김광석의 곡을 완성하여 세상과 연결시키는 취지로 진행되었다.

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