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[MV] ZIA(지아) _ Dear. My Fool(바보에게 바보가)

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[MV] ZIA(지아) _ Dear. My Fool(바보에게 바보가)
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The hidden masterpiece ‘Dear. My Fool’ is reinterpreted with sensitivity of vocalist ZIA, who is known as ‘a guaranteed singer’ by arousing sympathy from listeners with her appealing tone. ‘Dear. My Fool’ by ‘singer’ Park Myung Soo, who’s been passionate for music after leaving a lot of hit songs, is a song that he released in 2008 two days before his marriage with his deep love for his bride. Poet Won Tae Yeon and songwriter and lyricist Minuki wrote the sentimental lyrics and the matching sad melody based on Park’s real love story, attracting people’s attention.
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