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Pictures At An Exhibition (Piano/Cello) The Piano Guys Puppets

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Follow the puppeter
Directed by: Márton Harkel
Puppeteer 1: Napsugár Trömböczky
Puppeteer 2: Márton Harkel
Camera operator: Máté Papp
To contact Márton: [email protected]
Behind every song is a story. Some superficial or spontaneous. Some deep and more meaningful, even life-altering.

Music plays so many roles in our lives. On the surface it is entertainment, but that grossly underestimates its depth. It can be a messenger -- have you ever had just the right song play at just the right time, sending you just the right message? It can be a pathway to a change or step forward we need to make in life. Sometimes it can be an angelically-aided connector of people.

Well, in this story, music was all this and more.

We came across a social media post that shared a tourist’s video of an extraordinarily talented puppeteer, Márton Harkel, who performs as a busker on the streets of Budapest. What caught our eye was his cellist puppet. It was a near-perfect copy of the puppeteer. And as he made the motions of playing the cello, his puppet would mimic his movements with astounding musicality. It was captivating. It was like watching art come alive. We immediately imagined pairing his puppet design and marionette skills with our arrangement of the Mussorgsky’s “Promenade” theme from “Pictures at an Exhibition” — the prominent piece among a suite of classical works... (read the rest of the story here: https://thepianoguys.com/blogs/articles/every-song-has-a-story )

Music produced and arranged by Al van der Beek and Steven Sharp Nelson of The Piano Guys
Performed by
Steven Sharp Nelson: acoustic and electric cellos, piano, cello percussion
Al van der Beek: percussion
Mixed and mastered by Al van der Beek at TPG Studios in Utah
Video edited by Shaye Scott
Production Manager: Craig Knudsen

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