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ROOT CHAKRA ACTIVATION - Binaural Beats, Subliminal Meditation Music | Root Chakra Healing

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The root chakra expresses the survival sense and the dependence of the baby when is being born. When the baby is evolving in due time, the consciousness starts to grow and expand up to the point of satisfying its own needs. The purpose is to grow in a way that will bring us from separation to unity.
Root Chakra is the grounding force that connects us with the earth energy. The base chakra's color is red and it's located in the base of spine.

Binaural beats: 256hz base frequency and 12hz alpha waves
256hz -- this is the root chaka frequency. Combined with the subliminal messages, it doubles the affect of cleansing and activating the muladhara
12hz -- mental clarity, earth resonance, self expression, thyroid balancing

The subliminal affirmations recordings of this session:
You are exactly where you belong | You trust in life | You are connected to your body
You feel safe and supported | You make choices that are good for you
The earth nourishes you | You feel strong, stabled, balanced and confident | You believe in yourself and your power | Every day that goes by you are filled with courage
You act with determination and inner peace

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