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XDJ-RX3: State Of Flow - Pioneer DJ Official Introduction

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State of Flow: Introducing the XDJ-RX3, 2-channel performance all-in-one DJ system that boasts all the flexibility and practicality of its predecessor and packs in a host of new features that come straight from the club-standard CDJ-3000 multi player and DJM-900NXS2 mixer, plus a brand-new 10.1-inch touch screen.

If you need an easily portable setup you can take to perform on at parties and events, or install in a bar or small venue, the XDJ-RX3 has all bases covered. It’s even ideal if you simply want to practice at home and feel comfortable when you use a CDJ+DJM setup in the club. Just like before, you can choose whether you want to play rekordbox-analyzed tracks from USB drives, or connect a laptop to unlock rekordbox Performance mode. Support for Serato DJ Pro is also included – coming in early 2022.

The 10.1-inch touch screen on the XDJ-RX3 has a higher resolution and frame rate than the one on the previous model, and it features a brand-new interface that makes it quicker and easier to browse your music and control effects. The browse section is inherited from the CDJ-3000 for intuitive navigation through playlists. With the new Playlist Bank feature, you can rapidly access your 4 favorite playlists at a single touch, while Touch Preview gives you the option to listen to any part of a track without even loading it to the deck. You can switch between viewing the pad status or Beat FX and X-Pad with one tap on the screen. And with support for the 3Band Waveform feature – also from the CDJ-3000 – you can see the volume levels of different frequency ranges in rekordbox-analyzed tracks to give you a clear visual representation of how they sound.

It’s easy to keep tabs on what’s loaded to the decks of the XDJ-RX3 thanks to Color On Jog Display, which shows important track information or artwork on the LCD screen in the center of each jog wheel. You can customize the ‘weight’ of the jogs too, by tweaking the Feeling Adjust dial for each one.

Want to make every mix sound unique? Get creative with all 14 Beat FX and 6 Sound Color FX from the DJM-900NXS2 and explore fresh ways to dynamically manipulate your music with the Performance Pads and the newly added Release FX on the XDJ-RX3.

With a new audio design, which eliminates unwanted external noise, the XDJ-RX3 has been finely tuned to produce clear, natural sound that your audience can comfortably listen to for a long time.

You’ll notice that the layout design is inherited from club-standard Pioneer DJ equipment too, with traits such as the illumination around the play / cue buttons and the Color On Jog Display standing out in particular.

To use the XDJ-RX3 with rekordbox Performance mode, you’ll need to update to the latest version of the software, rekordbox for Mac/Windows (ver. 6.6.0), which will be released on November 16, 2021. From early 2022, you’ll be able to use the unit with Serato DJ Pro by downloading the latest version of the software.

Product category : 2-channel performance all-in-one DJ system
Model number : XDJ-RX3
SRP : $1,999 USD including VAT /€1,999 excluding taxes

In-store date
Americas: 22 Nov 2021
EMEA: mid Nov 2021
Japan (APAC): end Nov 2021

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