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1h+ (70 Mins) Heart Chakra Meditation Music Solfeggio Frequency 639 Hz - Sound Healing

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This is basically the 70 mins / 1h version of my 30 mins mix of this track. Some time ago, I was meditating to this music and there were only quite short versions for the heart chakra. So, I decided to make a longer version of the original track and what came out was the 30 mins version. I also made other 30 mins mixes for meditation, but there are still a lot more to come! I have figured out that the 30 mins mix was quite popular and so I decided to make this 1h version. I hope this is beneficial to everyone out there and if there are any requests for another chakra mix, comments, critiques - whatever, just leave a comment and I will gladly read it ;).

I have decided to add somre more information to the heart chakra. I will soon maybe write an article about it, but basically, you become more sensitive for emotional perceptions. I recommend you chanting and thinking "Yam". I used this mantra too before I knew anything about chakras and I had such an overly awesome feeling in my chest, where the heart is! We see here, you do not have to associate "Yam" with the heart chakra, because there is already an unconscious connection I'd say. Share your opinions and feelings! Share Love!
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