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Bikini Workout Music Motivation Vol.01

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Bikini Body Workouts, try these fat-burning and muscle-toning moves to show off your svelte figure on the beach. Bikini body boot camp workout get fit for summer.

Get ready for the beach with this calorie-scorching workout music mix with butt-boosting, core-strengthening, and shoulder-sculpting exercises.

Thanks to BikiniModelFitness for Video Footage:

http://youtu.be/LV0-ab8i5sk - Build Your Butt with Curtsy Lunges!

http://youtu.be/S2m2ivhry98 - Best Bikini Model Workouts - 2013 & 2012

http://youtu.be/FkSh6pOAFSs - Women's SIX PACK Abs Workout!!

http://youtu.be/7miOqI5ADcs - SEXY Bikini Fat Burning Workout!! w Vicky Justiz

http://youtu.be/dTHL69iFezo - Women's Butt Building Workout for Sexy Booty!

http://youtu.be/RU2yJxjxMtw - 10 Minute Intense Belly Fat Destroyer Sexy Bikini ABS WORKOUT!!

http://youtu.be/cWmzEutFiLI - Girls Sexy Bikini Body Home Workout!

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