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Classical Music for Babies | Antonio Vivaldi: The Goldfinch - Leopold Mozart: The Toy Symphony

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✔️ Antonio Vivaldi wrote a set of concertos, Op. 10, for flute that were published ca.1728 by Amsterdam publisher Michel-Charles Le Cène
Flute Concerto No. 3 in D major, RV 428 Il gardellino (The Goldfinch)
Bird song caught the ear of Italian composer Antonio Vivaldi. And he even named a 1729 flute concerto for a bird — the goldfinch. The source of inspiration for Vivaldi's Goldfinch concerto, or Il Gardellino, was the European Goldfinch, a tiny bird found throughout much of Europe, where it frequents gardens and roadsides. No wonder Vivaldi found the goldfinch irresistible.
✔️ The TOY SYMPHONY is a musical work with parts for toy instruments.
It was long reputed to be the work of Joseph Haydn,but later scholarship suggested that it was actually written by Leopold Mozart. Its authorship is still disputed, however, and other composers have been proposed as the symphony's true author, including Joseph Haydn's younger brother Michael Haydn, who purportedly contributed movements to the work.
Recent research on a newly found manuscript suggests the Austrian benedictine monk Edmund Angerer (1740–1794) to be the author.
I Virtuosi del Teatro Alla Scala
Live Recordings
Antonio Vivaldi
Flute Concerto No. 3 in D Major, Op. 10, RV 428 "Il Gardellino"
00:00 I Allegro
03:38 II Cantabile
06:57 III Allegro
Leopold Mozart
Kindersinfonie in C Major - Sinfonia dei Giocattoli
09:39 I Allegro
12:46 II Menuetto
16:38 III Finale Allegro
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