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Conjuring Consciousness (conscious hip hop mix)

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Forget the songs that discuss material items on this one.. This musical journey ventures into the depths of the mind while touching on what is truly important in our lives..

This mix attempts to touch on the 7 chakras. Trying to pierce the inner eye with soothing tones and inspiring lyrics. Every chakra level is its own entity, so melodies switch up a bit, but it's mostly on a mellow, earthly level..

The first 2 tracks are from the album 1st Born by Eyedea and (DJ) Abilities taken naturally as they appear in their classic album '1st Born'.. I'm not a fan of putting back-2-back tracks on a mix like that, but the way this man worded most of his 'eyedeas' about going through a process of awakaning is worth it.. My first mix like this and I'm looking forward to what'll be next on the table.. It's only my 2nd full mix i've ever made, and it was done too hastily, so my appologies for the lackluster mixing skills and song transitions.. i've recently redited the whole mix and hope to replace this one to appreciate the listening pleasure... it can be found here already and can be downloaded for free::

Rest in peace Eyedea and J Dilla! People still have so much to learn and appreciate from you!

::::::::::::::::::::Tracklist in order:::::::::::::::

The Dive + Well Being - Eyedea (R.I.P) & DJ Abilities (E&A)
Awaken Ya Mind (Original 4 Track) - Doze, Pep Love, Grouch, PSC, BFAP & Mr. Goliath
Now I Shine - Mission (Crown City Rockers)
Inner Light remix - Zion I
Risin' - Josh One ft. Aloe Blacc & Julie Walehwa
Darkness/Light - Jazz Mafia
No Previews - Bicasso ft. Nebulus
Mind With Rhythm DJ Drez ft. Zaire Black
Soul Purpose - Nightmares on Wax
All Natural - Bahamadia (DJ Drez edit w/ Jungle Brothers)
World We Want - Anacron ft. Mars Gamba-Adisa
The Music Is The Medicine, So Let It In - Mahem Mystics
U.S. - Pepe Love
Child 2 Man - Mystic w/ 3 Melancholy Gypsys
Outro (time) - Factor

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