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[Cowboy Bebop] The Real Folk Blues (English Cover By Sapphire)

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Here's a cover of the Cowboy Bebop ED I did last year but didn't get to do anything with it until recently. I commissioned a really talented musician (Mihai) on Newgrounds to recreate the instrumental for me. He did an awesome job! My buddy Merr wrote these incredible lyrics, and of course I wanna give a big thanks to Y. Chang for doing the dirty work on the editing, and Nana for doing the harmonies for me. I'm really happy with the way this all turned out, and I hope you enjoy it to!

***NOTE: I won't be giving out the instrumental to anyone.***

Download: http://tinyurl.com/pa8maqr
Download #2 (Rate it too!): http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/473602

Lyrics - Merr (http://www.youtube.com/mechamerr)
Instrumental - Mihai
Vocals - Sapphire
Backup - Nana (http://www.youtube.com/ichigoxcupcake)
Editing - Y.Chang (http://www.youtube.com/YChangVAA)
Art by - 否 (on pixiv)


Too late to let you know, what you mean to me
If I cried I'd only make you believe I was happy
I've got to let you go, and my heart, it aches
But it's worth it, 'cause I swear to god, you're a mistake

Know there could be a day, when the pain will fade
But a part of me is lookin' for you, back on yesterday
I've got to get away, 'cause my heart, it burns
And I know if I keep stickin' around, I won't ever learn

Don't wanna cry
'Cause, baby, I
Can feel freedom when they play

The real folk blues
I need the pain
My unhappiness is proof I'm not insane
'Cause when I'm close to you
I swear, I could die
Need to live my life, yeah, live like I'm alive
And it's a lonely road
Good luck and goodbye
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