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El Cant de la Sibilla and other sacred medieval works - CDS7875 Musicaround Ensemble

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In 2010 Unesco declared the Song of the Sibyl part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, as one of the most fascinating documents of Medieval European culture. A prophetess of Apollo, foreteller of misfortunes and calamities, the Sibyl entered the Christian world as the earliest announcer of Christ’s coming and of his return on Doomsday.
The text was sung over a suggestive melody that has survived to our day across seventeen centuries, handed down through various manuscripts and languages.
This release features the Catalan version of the Song, performed in all its expressive intensity by the poignant interpretation of the native language singer Eugenia Amisano, accompanied by the instrumentalists and voices of the Musicaround Ensemble. The programme also includes a selection of rare pieces related to one another for contents, in a journey that reveals how the Sibyl’s prophecy can sound, at this particular time in history, surprisingly topical. The transcriptions, orchestration and conducting are by Vera Marenco, who – working on the variety of the instrumental and vocal forces, with a particular care for the choral parts – balances the need for a punctual and neat reading with the popular origin of the rite.
Here are conductor Vera Marenco’s words:

“To match the intensity and magnetism of the Sibyl, I wanted a large choir …which would bring back the popular origin of this rite:..it is the voice of humanity, asking and wondering what their destiny will be at the end of times. This recording took place at a small church on the hills behind Genoa, not far from the construction site of the sadly famous collapsed Morandi Bridge, right in the middle of one of the meteorological emergencies that now often affect our region. The editing was done while the entire world was facing the Covid-19 pandemic. It was a combination of events that sounded like a confirmation of the topical message of these text on the destructive power mankind can exercise against itself. Even if I felt dismay, I was reassured by the fact the one can be in contact with nature, with humanity, with history, with the past and the future while living in the present and dealing with Medieval music, fully involved and not escaping from the world as it sometimes happen to musicians.”

Title: El Cant de la Sibilˑla and other sacred medieval works
Composer: Anonymous
Performers: Musicaround Ensemble
Conductor / Vielle: Vera Marenco
Recorder: José Manuel Fernandéz Bravo
Lute: Giuliano Lucini
Portative organ: Maria Notarianni
Vielle: Marcello Serafini
Percussions: Stefano Borin
Voice: Eugenia Amisano
Code: CDS 7875 (1 CD)
Barcode: 8007144078751
Category: Instrumental / sacred
Formats : Physical and digital
Audio Format: DDD
Audio resolution : SD (44-16)/ HD (48-24)/FLAC/ADM
Notes: Ita / Eng Libretto with Catalan-Latin/English texts
Recording place: Chiesa di San Lorenzo di Torbi, Ceranesi (Genova)
Recording date: 22th-24th November 2019
Packaging: JEWEL BOX
Duration: 65 min.

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