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First Look At Patsy Cline Exhibit At Country Music Hall Of Fame

Although her career was tragically cut short at the age of 30, Patsy Cline did more for country music than most ever have and ever will. "To many she is still the gold standard for female country singers and we wanted to remind people what a great artist she was and what she was like as a human being" says curator Mick Buck.     Cline's death made headlines on March 5th 1963 when she died in a plane crash.    Some 50 years later, remnants from that day are on display in an exhibit that bears her name. "She was taken away just as it started happening" says Charlie Dick, who was Cline's husband at the time of her deat.     Charlie was one of several family members that stopped by for a private viewing of Cline's corner here at the Country Music Hall Of Fame."Its great for her. It's been a long time coming but I'm glad they did it" says Charlie.     Several professional accolades are on display, including costumes, awards and a long line of albums.     But what makes this exhibit special are the items that allow you to see the personal side of the famous singer.     Like her collection of salt and pepper shakers, personal pictures, lots of jewelry,  numerous handwritten letters and questioners and even a baby book Cline made for her daughter Julie. "It shows how diligent she was about writing everything down, she had beautiful handwriting" says Buck.     But the centerpiece of the exhibit is this large video screen that plays interviews with artists who worked with Cline, old video clips, and three unheard original audio tracks from the 1960's.  "It so happens that her vocals were recorded by themselves on one of the three tracks so we were able isolate her vocal so for songs like crazy, I fall to pieces, the classics. People can hear for first time patsy's voice by itself" explains Buck.     A unique opportunity to let patsy - in her own words - tell her own story - years after shes been gone. "Other than tv, the grandkids don't even know her, it will be good for them" says Charlie. The exhibit opens Friday August 24th and runs until June 10, 2013.
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