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How to use 3Band Waveform and Stacked Waveform | CDJ-3000 Tutorial Series

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As well as the classic blue and RGB waveforms from the CDJ-2000NXS2, the CDJ-3000 also offers 3Band Waveform.

3Band Waveform separates the high, mid, and low frequencies into different colours so you can glance at the screen and easily understand how a track sounds.

Blue = low frequencies
Amber = mid frequencies
White = high frequencies

And, if you switch on Stacked Waveform, you’ll see the waveform of the master player and the waveform of the track you’re cueing on another CDJ-3000. This helps you work out where to start your mix and to check your mix is in phase.

0:00 3Band Waveform
0:48 Stacked Waveform

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