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JS BACH harpsichord concertos transcribed for mandolin

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Harpsichord Concertos, transcribed for mandolin

Dorina Frati, Soloist Mandolin

Profili Barocchi:
Davide Ferella, Soloist Mandolin
Noyuri Hazama, First Violin
Yotam Gaton, Second Violin
Hilla Heller, Viola
George Ross, Cello
Gabriele Levi, Organ

Concerto BWV 1052
Concerto BWV 1055
Concerto BWV 1059
Concerto BWV 1060


DYNAMIC item CD-Code: CDS 7821 (1 CD)
Barcode: 8007144078218
Audio Format: DDD
Notes: Ita / Eng
Recording place: Sala Musicale Giardino, Crema, Italy
Recording date: January 2017
Packaging: JEWEL BOX
Price: Single CD full price
Duration: 61 min.

Label: DYNAMIC, Italy
Distribuited worldwide by NAXOS www.naxos.com

Bach was a great transcriber and arranger of his own works and of the works of other composers, and his catalogue eloquently demonstrates this. In it we find, for example, six concertos for organ (BWV 592-597) and sixteen concertos for harpsichord (BWV 972-987) all transcribed from other composers’ works. The composers Bach favoured for his transcriptions were generally Italian and his contemporaries (Vivaldi, Albinoni, Alessandro and Benedetto Marcello, Bonporti, etc.).

In this CD the Italian mandolinist Davide Ferella has personally arranged for one and two mandolins, strings and basso continuo four of Bach’s concertos for one and two harpsichords. Working with great shrewdness and in full respect of the musical contents of the works he transcribed, Davide Ferella has sometimes assigned to the strings passages that were originally for the harpsichord, in order not to lose any of the rich contrapuntal texture of Bach’s compositions. The result is plausible from a musical point of view and very pleasant.
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