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Macklemore - HEROES (Live Session) | Vevo ctrl

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Macklemore - HEROES - Live Session | Vevo ctrl

“When I grew up, criminals were my heroes.” With an intro line that could be applied to the Henry Hill coming-of-age montage in ‘Goodfellas,’ Macklemore summarizes “HEROES.” Over an extremely boom extremely bap DJ Premier beat, the Seattle rhymer breaks down his complicated relationship with the MCs he looked up to as a kid, and the culture that allured him. Kicks from Eastbay, drinking Mad Dog, loitering at 7-Eleven, and yes, even a De Niro reference, the detailed litany of relatable touchstones goes on. It’s also yet another sly track from the dude who’s famous for hiding acerbic cultural criticisms behind frivolous references and fun beats. Macklemore has promised that his ‘BEN’ album (arriving Friday) is a moodier project than previous, in part because of his well-publicized 2020 relapse. But “HEROES” is a sign that the “Thrift Shop” rapper is gonna be looking inward from some very unique perspectives, that wry grin never far from his face.

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Executive Producer: Chris Pereira
Director: Seth Halter
Production Designer: Tyler Jensen
Producer: Lola Gatti
Director of Photography: Tristan Gramling
Project Manager: Dominic Siri
Editor: Andrew Ros
Music & Talent: Gabby Prisciandaro + Cynthia Todd + David McTiernan

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