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Meditation Relax Music. Anniversary Music for Relaxation. THANKS for ONE MILLION SUBSCRIBERS

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Hello Dear Subscribers !
My name is Sergey Sukhachov. I'm founder, owner and content creator of the Meditation Relax Music YouTube Channel. As you have understood by the title of this video, it is dedicated to reaching the
1 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS on the channel.
I thank everyone who took part in this. Especially to musician ADAM NAVEL and DJ USTAS. Theese guys which I hired to work for the content creation.
ALEX MARS - he is a teacher at the school of electronic music. He gave me an important knowledges about music creation.
And of course PEOPLE without whom this event would not be possible.
Those people are you !
Thank you for your trust and participation in the life of the channel, for your likes and dislikes, comments and shares.
Hope you will enjoy the compilation from the best music compositions of the Meditation Relax music youtube channel in the next hour.
Have a perfect relaxation !
This calm video is a compilation of the best compositions of the Meditation Relax Music YouTube Channel. You can use it for different relaxing purposes: music for stress relief, music for meditation, music for yoga, music for deep sleep, music for massage and spa. Also this soothing compilation can be used to gain positive energy, to find harmony, balance and concentration and as a complete Relaxation Music.


1. Pure Relaxation - ( 0:01:01 )
2. Abyss - ( 0:07:35 )
3. Timeless - ( 0:13:12 )
4. Out of the Physical Body - ( 0:17:51 )
5. Memory of Aincients - ( 0:24:29 )
6. Deep Choir - ( 0:27:50 )
7. Deep Sleep Lullaby - ( 0:32:57 )
8. Song of Shutra - ( 0:40:16 )
9. Lost in Nowhere - ( 0:46:39 )
10. Supernova - ( 0:54:11 )
You can buy this album 'Anniversary Relaxation'
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