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Pioneer DJ Official Introduction: DM-50D 5-inch desktop monitor system

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Set the Scene: Introducing the DM-50D easy-to-use 5-inch desktop monitor system –
High-quality powerful sound that’s perfect for DJing and making music at home

The new DM series speaker design combines key elements from the popular DM-40 unit, with brand-new components and features to create a more powerful and higher quality sound. Sold in black or white pairs, the speakers are easy to set up, tune, and use – making them ideal for a variety of purposes. Whether you want to perform DJ sets or make your own music at home, or regularly switch between the two, the DM-50D system offers the perfect sound.

The DM-50D speakers deliver a balanced, punchy bass sound and they can pump out extra power when you need it as they’re loaded with a new Class D amplifier and a 5-inch woofer in each unit. High frequencies are clearer too, thanks to the advanced new design of the DECO convex diffusers. Want to make some tracks to drop into your next DJ set? Simply flick the switch on the speaker to change from DJ mode to Production mode and the DSP settings will automatically adjust to create the best sound for each application.

You can connect your DJ setup or home studio to the RCA, mini jack, and newly added TRS input terminals on the DM-50D speakers. Even better, the volume knob and headphones socket are on the front panel for quick connection and level control. And, with the choice of black or white models, you can pick the color that best suits the setting in your home.

Product category 5-inch desktop monitor system
Model number DM-50D (black), DM-50D-W (white)
SRP $199 including VAT / €239 excluding VAT per pair

In-store date
Americas: Beginning of Nov, 2021
EMEA: Mid Dec, 2021
Japan (APAC): Mid Jan 2021

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Keywords: DM Series, DM-50D, DM-50D-W
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