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"Someone associated with the New Trolls or Ibis: none of this. Do not disown our past that has helped us to grow, but the project we have in mind is to get his way. Moreover, neither we are more than that, it's anagraficamente, both in the faces, in situations and, of course, in the music we play. It remains, however, the desire to revisit that period that has so profoundly marked our youth.
Our management, and we agreed on this project. We wanted to call it UT New Trolls, not just by the title of the album where we played as New Trolls. "Ut" is a Latin word, the preposition that expresses a purpose, a desire that we first we would materialise. But "Ut" is, at the same time, the first musical note, DO the Gregorian notation: the deep roots of the music, the desire to revisit the streets, to offer it to those who want to stay with us and receive in return the simple humanity that is, after all, that today there is really need. Not for nothing "DO UT DES", which translates as "giving and receiving" is the title of our new work. It is not something imposed, with its tight, its rhythms that envelop and, unfortunately, sometimes suffocate our being men or women: we wanted the "playful"Maurizio Salvi aspect was crucial. We believe it is essential to ensure that people, we were the first, and most units: there can be diversity of views, but never enough to bring to the fight. We wanted this to be the first "clause", if we can call it, of our project.

The cornerstone on which to build for one can enjoy things and music first for us, that we play and, of course, for those who want to hear it and share it. We continue to think that the appearance of "communion" is the one that best fits the music: you can play only for themselves. If the music is a language, will of course her answers and, of course, you can find: many people are those who hear it.

Our project, then, appears as a laboratory: a "work in progress" that, of course, "Ut", "Searching for a land", "Songs of innocence, songs of experience" will have their space but revisited, beyond a group that took a thousand vicissitudes, many names, many faces ... Because, in the end, what counts in a group and it does exist is music. We hope that you find the time to touch the hearts of the people and to show us the human face of all ".

Maurizio and Gianni http://www.utnewtrolls.com/pagengl/biografia.html
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