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THE BATTLE IS ON! Vol. 2 | 1 Hour of Most Epic Powerful Battle Action Music Mix

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✖ Track List:
Position Music - Valiant (Piotr Musial)
Titan Slayer - Sisters of Fury
Mathieu Clobert - Smile My Prince
Sound Adventures - Deed and Dest
C21 FX - Running Scared (Travis Michaud, Chris Bills)
Louis Viallet - At the Earth's Collapse Origins
Revolt Production Music - In Ascendance (Brian Kelly, Alec Johnson, Daniel Payne)
Colossal Trailer Music - Falling Stars (Sebastian Bohm)
Katalyst - Intergalactic Supernovae (Anthony Dickinson)
Joshua Nickelson - Forged In Fire
Will McTavish - Xenoform
Sybrid - Cyclone Heroes
Skylar Cahn - Planetside
Sergey Gol - Dawn Of Victory
Efisio Cross - Justice
Carlos Estella - Fight For Glory
Filmstro - Warrior
Izzy Marizee - Not Without A Fight
Krale - The Monkey King
Liam Priestnall - Hellbound
Salim Daïma - Libertalia

✖ Image:

✖ Note for the new Artists:
If you would like to submit your own track or Artwork then please follow below instructions.

You can either send me an message in here with download link or you can email me at [email protected]

► If it's a Track then it needs to be at least 320 kbps with small description/Genre on the track.

► If it's a Artwork then it always needs to be 16:9 aspect ratio (No logos in bottom corners)

✖ Note:- I'm not the creator of this Music or Image, All rights belongs to respective owners. Feel free to Message me if you know the original Image Artist. Intro was created by Velosofy. Have Fun!
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