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The WLCO Story

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Who are we?
We are an online community of almost 28,000 worship leaders from 99 countries from around the world.

Why do we exist?
To help Connect, Encourage and Equip worship leaders worldwide to be who God created them to be so they can do what He’s called them to do.

“I can’t do what you can do and you can’t do what I can do but together...we can make something beautiful for God.” Mother Teresa.

In WLCO, the collective serves the collective and we do it because we are ONE, everyone has a vital part to play and WE GET TO! We get to serve one another for the glory of God.

You’ve been called for such a time as this. Let your light shine in this hour all for Jesus.

Listen up! And hear a bit of the story and testimonials from worshipers in our WLCO community.


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April 2019
Calgary, Canada

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