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Tiny Desk Meets globalFEST: Dedicated Men Of Zion, Labess, Sofia Rei & DakhaBrakha

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For the first time, the Tiny Desk teams up with globalFEST for a thrilling online music festival - Tiny Desk Meets globalFEST - four nights, 16 bands from all over the world.

Monday night 8pm ET

Dedicated Men of Zion come to you from their backyard barbecue in North Carolina, bringing with them an electrified version of sacred Gospel soul music. This family band (all related through blood or marriage) has been isolating together during the pandemic, and the members are excited to play together as an uplifting note during difficult times.
"Father, Guide Me, Teach Me"
"Can't Turn Me Around"
"It's A Shame"
Anthony "Amp" Daniels: vocals
Dexter Weaver: vocals
Antwan "Ace" Daniels: vocals
Marcus Sugg: vocals
Jaheim Daniels: drums
Aaron Adams: keyboard
Jerry Harrison: bass guitar
Mark Richardson: lead guitar
Producer: Aaron Greenhood
Video: Cornelius Lewis
Audio: The Sandwich Shoppe
When we look at global arts, it's amazing to see how many traditions and nations can come together to make music together. Nowhere is that clearer than the music of Labess, an Algerian and Canadian band that is performing and recording their set from France and Colombia, proving that music has no boundaries even in times of isolation.
"Labess" means "everything is fine" in Arabic, and their flamenco and Gypsy jazz-influenced North African chaabi (folk) music brings that message to life.
"Yal Maknin"
"La Vida Es Un Carnaval"
Nedjim Bouizzoul: lead vocals, guitar (France)
Simon Demouveaux: banjo, oud (France)
Rabah Khalfa: derbouka, chorus (France)
Simon Lannoy: cello (France)
Loran Bozic: violin (France)
Pierre Bonnet: bass (France)
Mike Rajamahendra: drum (France)
François Taillefer: percussion (France)
Julio Frias: percussion (Colombia)
Miche Molina: accordion (Colombia)
Javier Villa: trombone (Colombia)
Rafael 'Pachalo' Gavilan: trumpet (Colombia)
Moises Marquez Leyva: saxophonist (Colombia)
Producer: Arte de Luz
Video: Victor Delfim
Audio: Arnaud 'Peck' Dervaux
Recording from her apartment in Brooklyn, award-winning vocalist and songwriter Sofia Rei provides a concert that blends Argentinian and other South American folk traditions with experimental pop and electronic music. This mix of tradition and modernity is even present in her setting, which blends traditional iconography with robotic 'saints' and exuberantly grown plants with sound boards and looping pedals.
SET LIST "Un Mismo Cielo" (The Same Sky) "Negro Sobre Blanco" (Black On White) "Escarabajo Digital" (Digital Beetle)
MUSICIANS Sofia Rei: vocals, charango, electronics JC Maillard: guitar, bass, programming, background vocals Leo Genovese: keys Jorge Glem: kuatro Ana Carmela Rodriguez Contramaestre: background vocals, percussion
Recording Engineer: Rafael Urbina
Mixing Engineer: JC Maillard
Photography: Esteban Veras
Camera: Armando Ortega Toribio
Editor: Christine Vaindirlis
Recorded from Ukraine, DakhaBrakha returns both to globalFEST and Tiny Desk. Their first globalFEST performance was in 2014, and their time with Tiny Desk in 2015 remains a favorite. We've had them in our spaces, so it's a real treat to see them in theirs, the Dakh Theater in Kyiv, where the band formed and where they've crafted their amazing catalogue of songs. Coming together, their performance maintains the energy and joy that define their music, bouncing off each other musically and emotionally.
"Vynnaya ya"
Iryna Kovalenko: vocals, keys, percussion
Marko Halanevych: vocals, accordion
Nina Garenetska: vocals, cello
Olena Tsybulska: vocals, drums
Director: Vladyslav Troitskyi
Art Manager: Iryna Gorba
Mixing Engineer: Maksym Taran
Audio: Andrii Nidzelskyi
Photography: Stefanyak Juryj
NPR, NPR Music, National Public Radio
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