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Top 200 K-Pop Chart - Digi's Picks - Year End 2019

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... but Digi there were no videos of your charts for 2019?! Doesn't mean I didn't make a chart behind the scenes. :)

A few notes about this year's chart before the hate starts to roll in. In 2018 I took a break from making my own chart due to personal reasons, but slowly got back into it in 2019. The catch was, the first few months of me redoing my chart, I didn't rank a Top 100 as I normally did in the past, instead it started as a Top 30, then expanded over time. Thus, songs at the beginning of the year actually had a disadvantage of not being able to chart as long as songs towards the end of the year. There are some exceptions if the songs just didn't get out of my head but, overall, songs prior to May 2019 had a lot shorter chart life (6-8 weeks) rather than songs at the end of the year (upwards of 10-12 weeks). This would have an impact on their year end ranking, but since the change in the chart happened gradually, it was hard to find a way of adjusting the points to even it out, so I didn't.

So please keep this in mind when some of the more popular songs of the year had unusually low rankings here.

As for 2020 plans, I hope to have my own charts up again during this year. The fan chart might see changes, but we'll see how that goes.

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Quick Links:
Top 200: 0:37
Top 150: 14:41
Top 100: 28:39
Top 75: 36:10
Top 50: 43:15
Top 25: 50:30
Top 10: 54:47

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