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WL Toys V262 Quad with Mobius Camera

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This video was shot using a WL Toys V262 Quad Copter with a Mobius HD Sports Cam mounted on top. The quad was faced into the Sun and then sent high up above the tree canopy to catch a glimpse of it before the sunset. I just got the Mobius camera today, and this is my second video set flying with it. The accompaniment music is 'To Dear Friends' by me.

Sunset Saturday August 9th, 2014.

It doesn't have the stability of the DJI Phantom II with a GoPro, But it is also about 1/10th of the price for both the V262 and the Mobius.

My apologies for the instability in the images, I was fighting a pretty good cross-wind for the V262 to handle, so I kept having to fly it back to above me. I'll get better and more comfortable with this given time.
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