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1-Hour Epic Music | Epic Action Music Vol. 1

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1-Hour Epic Music Collection:

Nuclear Winter - Revelation (Cliff Lin)
Silver Screen - An Eye For An Eye (Christoph Allerstorfer)
Hi-Finesse - Radius (Erich Lee)
Cavendish Trailers - Stormbreak
.switch Trailer Music - Retrograde (Otto Cate, Brian Skeel)
Sonic Symphony - Charters of Freedom (Ivan Torrent)
Heavy Melody - The Greater Realm (Neil Goldberg, David Fraser, Ariel Winters)
Full Tilt - Aurora (Mark Moore)
Selectracks - Sky Is Not A Limit (Patryk Scelina)
Immediate Music - Time To Die (John Hanson)
Dos Brains - Force Of A Dream (Colin E. Fisher)
Position Music - Saviour (Mark Nolan)
Ninja Tracks - Fallen Angels (Kaveh Cohen, Michael Nielsen)
See Trailer Tracks - The Reckoning (Daniel Heath, Matthew McCaughey)
The Hit House - Kleptomania (Martyn Corbet)
Really Slow Motion Music - Reborn From Ashes (Vivien Chebbah)
Audiomachine - Frozen Synapse (Mark Petrie, Andrew Prahlow)
Cavendish Trailers - Nebula
Full Tilt - Unscathed (Mark Moore)
Future World Music - Point Zero (Vlado Hudec)
Heavy Melody - Running Haunted (Neil Goldberg, David Fraser, Ariel Winters)
Hi-Finesse - Dark Matter (Joseph Baur)
Nuclear Winter - Terminal Velocity (Cliff Lin)
KPM Music - Fight to the Death (Tony Clarke)

Image Albums:-
Current Album: http://theprimes18.imgur.com/
Old Albums: http://pastebin.com/keKfTbT4

Additional Links in channel description.
Main Image Source: http://wallbase.cc

Note for the new Artists:
If you would like to submit your own track or Artwork then please follow below instructions.

You can either send me an message in here with download link or you can email me at [email protected]

- If it's a Track then it needs to be at least 320 kbps with small description/Genre on the track.

- If it's a Artwork then it always needs to be 16:9 aspect ratio (No logos in bottom corners)

Make sure you subscribe to these two channels.

Backup Channel:

One Hour Station:

Note:- I'm not the creator of this Music or Image, All rights belongs to respective owners. Feel free to Message me if you know the original Image Artist. This video is purely fan-made, it's done for entertainment purposes only. Have Fun!

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