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Amazing Chakra Balancing Meditation | Chakra Healing & Activation | With Dual Affirmations

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A powerful chakra activation & healing meditation with affirmations. These are placed pretty low in the mix and and are borderline subliminal. Be sure to switch to 1080p

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INSTRUCTIONS: You can either sit or lie down (recommended) with your eyes closed, or simply listen while enjoying the trippy visuals. A low volume is recommended. Use headphones for best results.

Many paradigms can be used for personal transformation - ''What the thinker thinks, the prover proves'' (Robert Anton Wilson). This audio is a meditation aid for those who who utilize the Chakra meditation system, though anyone can benefit greatly from it. It is basically a system with which you can balance certain archetypal aspects of your mind, enabling you to become more effective and well rounded as a person.

The audio begins at the 'root' and ends at the 'crown' chakra. Accompanying each 5-minute segment is a set of corresponding affirmations; these are delivered sequentially at first (in a male/female voice) and then simultaneously, with one voice in each ear. The affirmations end after about a minute of each section, giving you time to perform visualisation exercises for each centre...that is assuming you're not focusing on the visuals. They also fade in at the start so they don't startle you!

Information is given pertaining to the balanced/unbalanced states of various archetypal aspects of the mind. The affirmations for each segment have also been listed.

"Whereas Western Eurocentric models of the functioning of the nervous system are empirical, based on anatomic and neurophysiological functioning, Eastern Asian models of the operation of the nervous system are intuitive systems of meaning, highly metaphorical and symbolic." - George Boyd (Mudrashram Institute of Spiritual Studies)

Below I've listed the beat frequencies used. The carrier pitch varies throughout also, ranging from the highest peak at 312 to the lowest at 152.

0 -5 min - Root Chakra - 4hz
5-10 min - Sacral Chakra - 2hz
10-15 min - Naval Chakra - 0.5hz
15-20 min - Heart Chakra - 1.5hz
20-25 min - Throat Chakra - 3hz
25-30 min - Brow Chakra -0.8hz
30-35 min - Crown Chakra - 0.4hz
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See also Leary's 8-circuit model of consciousness, or even better, Robert Anton Wilson's analysis of the same model in his book Prometheus Rising.
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