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Fear. Doubt, worry, stress. Uncertainty. They took their best shot at owning us all this
past year. And we did our best to put mind over matter and power our way through it. The human mind is a marvelous thing. It has limitless capacity for thought, creativity, wonder, and resilience. It is like a musical instrument -- expressive, emotional, expansive, and transformatively challenging to master. And yet, it can only truly hold tightly to one thing at a time -- like a cello can draw out a thousand different feelings from focusing on one note at a time. That’s why fear can’t coexist with faith, doubt crowds out hope, worry pushes away peace, and uncertainty won’t share any space with contentment.

We believe music is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. We’ve always insisted on how underestimated it can be. Music can persuade the mind to change moods, trade mental despair for motivation, or even push our physical frames beyond a presupposed capacity.

Before this album project began we were sitting around a table together ruminating over all that has happened this past year. As we talked about what was “next” for TPG, we went through several scenarios. Then, suddenly, there was this tidal wave of insistent ideas. A rush of collective revelation. We knew what kind... Read More here: https://smarturl.it/chilllalbumlanding

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