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Didgeridoo Meditation Music | Singing Bowls Shamanic | Relax Meditate | Cleanse Balance Your CHAKRA

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◢Meditation is all about cleaning the mind from the system of thoughts. As the taoists say the 'monkey mind'. Once this happens the mind replaces beta waves with alpha waves. This represents a change in mind to a state of rest and focus. This allows your mind to enter a state of Creativity. Control over the mind can not be achieved in an instance but it is necessary to attain Spirituality. The sound of the didgeridoo shows a high levels of low frequencies, typically in the range of 50-200 Hz, which has a high physical impact on the listener. The didgeridoo is know to create sounds with frequencies of lower than the alpha range. Sounds are in the same level as drums used in Shamanistic rituals- allowing altered states of consciousness to be achieved.

◢ Excellent article explaining the powerful effect of the didgeridoo in meditation and achieving altered states of conciousness - https://www.didjshop.com/didgeridoo_and_meditation.html

◢ At SatitaMeditate we are passionate about providing the highest quality MEDITATIONS soundtracks for you to enjoy your meditative practices. Our mission is to provide you with an experience to remember. Furthermore, we aim to provide music that will diminish away worldly worries that our minds face daily. We want to help you FOCUS & RELAX. Our aim is to provide meditation music from all over the world and sounds our ancestors would have only been able to imagine. You will find BUDDHIST MEDITATION, BINAURAL BEATS, CHAKRA MEDITATION & SHAMANIC MEDITATION.


◢ CONNECT with us to watch out for our new releases. We also we aim to provide inspiring spiritual words of wisdom from teachers such as Dalai Lama.
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◢ ‘It is our mission to provide music that can change your energy and to inspire, enrich and make a positive difference.’


Photo by 'Felipe Venâncio on flickr' under the Creative Commons license
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