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Native american shamanic music mix to meditate and relax - by Morpheus

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Yes I know at 14:08 it changes rhythm, but as it was live I made a mistake with the tracks and I could not change it after. I'm really sorry for that! I don't like it either.
I'm not pro DJ , I just made this to make you enjoy a mix of music I really love, so peace ;P

-TRACKLIST (What you see here are the titles you can find in Youtube):

0:00 - 7:01 Wasicu Lakota Native indian music
7:02 - 11:51 Voices of the Wind
11:52 - 15:58 Indian spirit 2 + Voices of the Wind
15:59 - 19:03 Ly-o-Lay-Ale-Loya
19:04 - 22:32 Mohicans (indianische Musik)
22:33 - 26:53 Indian Spirit
26:54 - 29:20 Der mit dem Wolf tantz Indianer II
29:21 - 31:33 Ghost Dance ~ Native American ~ Power Drums ~ Spirit Pride
31:34 - 34:58 Native American ~ Spritual Music
34:59 - 39:32 Eagle Feather - Native indian music
39:33 - 41:46 Indian Sacred Spirit - Indian Music
42:47 - 44:03 GREAT SPIRIT Native american dream
44:04 - 48:49 the sacred of spirit yo - hey - o - hee
48:50 - 52:24 ~ Native American Spiritual Music 2 ~
52:25 - 56:12 Drum Music Fire Drums (Ariel Kalma Kamal M.Engels)

A mix I made to meditate e relax with particular shamanic drums (that makes you fall in trance), and sweet flutepans and violins. Im not a dj pro, but I think my passion for this kind of music made me do a very good job ;P Peace everybody! and subscribe for more contents!

Mix che ho ho fatto appositamente per meditare e rilassarsi con i tamburi degli shamani dei nativi americani (indiani d'america), i quali ti fanno come cadere in trance, insieme alla dolcezza del flauto pan e dei violini. Non sono un dj professionista, ma mi sembra accettabile come lavoro ;P Iscrivetevi se vi va, troverete altro contenuto. Namaste!
meditazione, meditation, relax
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