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Gospel music is so rich in rhythm that it manages to co-pass even those who are not believers. A great tradition of African gospel choir Christian songs. In the panorama of the musical genres presented on Blulight Gallery, they could not include a series of pieces of the great Gospel choirs and of the Christian music.

Gospel music features dominant vocals (often with strong use of harmony) and Christian lyrics. Some modern gospel music, however, isn't explicitly Christian and just utilizes the sound. Subgenres include contemporary gospel, urban contemporary gospel (sometimes referred to as "black gospel"), Southern gospel, and modern gospel music (now more commonly known as praise and worship music or contemporary Christian music). Several forms of gospel music utilize choirs, use piano or Hammond organ, tambourines, drums, bass guitar and, increasingly, electric guitar. In comparison with hymns, which are generally of a statelier measure, the gospel song is expected to have a refrain and often a more syncopated rhythm.

Several attempts have been made to describe the style of late 19th and early 20th century gospel songs in general. Christ-Janer said "the music was tuneful and easy to grasp ... rudimentary harmonies ... use of the chorus ... varied metric schemes ... motor rhythms were characteristic ... The device of letting the lower parts echo rhythmically a motive announced by the sopranos became a mannerism".

Patrick and Sydnor emphasize the notion that gospel music is "sentimental", quoting Sankey as saying, "Before I sing I must feel", and they call attention to the comparison of the original version of Rowley's "I Will Sing the Wondrous Story" with Sankey's version. Gold said, "Essentially the gospel songs are songs of testimony, persuasion, religious exhortation, or warning. Usually the chorus or refrain technique is found."

1 Soweto Gospel Choir - Swing Down 02:13 11
2 This Is The Gospel Of Jesus Christ by Hezekiah Walker and The Love Fellowship Crusade Choir (Lyrics) 04:21 4
3 Motor City Mass Choir - Use Me 05:51 5
4 Soweto Gospel Choir - Woza Meli Wami 02:48 7
5 Chicago Mass Choir - I Pray We'll Be Ready 07:13 2
6 Soweto Gospel Choir - Mbube 03:50 5
7 Chicago Mass Choir - God Is My Everything 06:52 2
8 The Greatest Of All Time by The Tennessee Mass Choir 05:37 4
9 Chicago Mass Choir - Jesus Is Lord 06:59 2
10 Soweto Gospel Choir - Lelilungelo Ngelakho 02:00 3
11 Chicago Mass Choir -- Wash All My Sins Away 05:01 1
12 The O'Neal Twins - He Keeps On Making A way 04:52 2
13 Soweto Gospel Choir - Jerusalem 03:01 3
14 Chicago Mass Choir - If God Said It 04:52 2
15 Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - Praise Him 04:11 2
16 Mississippi Mass Choir - I’m Not Tired Yet 05:34 3
17 The New Jersey Mass Choir - O the Blood 04:51 3
18 Mississippi Mass Choir - God Is Keeping Me 05:08 2
19 John P. Kee - Show Up 05:11 2
20 Dallas Fort Worth Mass Choir - I'd Rather Have Jesus 06:10 2
21 Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - Days of Elijah 05:46 2
22 Aretha Franklin & Mavis Staples - Oh Happy Day 05:55 2
23 Soweto Gospel Choir - Amazing Grace 06:21 1
24 After All - The Rapture 04:50 1

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