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"L'inimico delle Donne" by B.Galuppi - conducted by Rinaldo Alessandrini

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Conductor: Rinaldo Alessandrini
Opera Royal de Wallonie, Liège - 2011
World premiere on DVD

"L'Inimico delle Donne" which means someone who doesn't like women, is an opera written by Galuppi in 1771. He was very well-known at this time but when he died, suddenly his works disappeared from the stages. Among them "L'Inimmico delle Donne" disappeared so well that nobody knew it existed. Hence it has never been played since its first venue in Venice in 1771. It tells the story of a price who doesn't like women and of an Italian woman who on the other hand doesn't like men. She is introduced to the court of the faboulous Chinese Empire in front of this prince and something is going to happen between them..
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