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Luke Sital-Singh - The Last Day (Official Video)

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The new single from Luke Sital-Singh

Buy/Stream The Last Day - http://radi.al/TheLastDaySingle

Video by Uncle Ginger http://www.uncleginger.com

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The Last Day

On the last day of my life
I wonder what I will be like
Will I be blue, held up with glue?
Will I be strong and able?

Will I wake up and know right then
My final day had just begun?
I hope you’re there
With bed made hair
And a body I can cradle.

In that morning we’d take a walk
Through every street and every park
I hope it’s deep in autumn time
And the leaves are like fires raging.

I think I would love the simple things
Like holding hands and noticing
The way the wind moves in-between
and how I never saw you ageing.

The afternoon would come so soon
Would there be time for a movie too?
I hope there’s one about true love
About how it hurts sometimes.

As it fades to black and the credits roll
I think I’d start to lose control
All those names flash before my face
Did I thank them in time?

In early eve you’d start grieve
All your doubts and unbelief
Would shatter there
And you’d throw up prayers
To keep me from my curse.

I’d hold you close as you’d pray and pray
Whisper everything’s gonna be ok
Our final kiss would bring such bliss
And feel just like our first.

On the last night of my life
I think i’d rather be surprised
Now every night when I close my eyes
I hold your hand so tight.
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