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Official Lyric Video for “Maniac” by Macklemore

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Lyric video by Geometric Love www.instagram.com/geometriclove_

"Maniac" Lyrics:

I don’t wanna dance with a Maniac
Cus the moment we touch it’s a heart attack
You know I love you honey
but you got me running “yaaaaa”
I could give a damn you’re a maniac
and you talking like a killer got me on my back
You know I love you honey
but you got me running yaaaaa

I fell in love with her moonwalk
Dancing in the kitchen in her tube socks
I should of saw the signs but refused dog
How am I supposed to ever move on
Why is it so complicated
You said that you didn’t love me
Said you’re workin on yourself
You aint been to therapy since 2020
Something isn’t right
See it in your eyes
Always give advice, never taking mine when I say goodnight
Im thinkin’ ooh ooh ooh ooh
you get on my nerves
I'm a foo ooh ooh ool
you better reimburse
All the things you do ooh ooh
put me in a hearse
We both coo coo, coo coo
it's never gonna work


I think we need some space
I think we need a break
I think I need to move
I think this isn’t safe
Why the hell you follow me to Walmart
Gotta know everything you ain’t Nardwuar
Dress up on Friday nights
Turn up til Sunday morning
I’m mister probably right
Ignoring all the warnings
I shouldn’t wanna kick it
Too many red flags
I knew you were problematic cus all of your ex’s are mad
Somehow I'm back in your arms
Told you get back in my car
I know you don’t really love me
You deserve acting awards
As long as the night is young
Go crazy I got your back
I'll be posted by the jukebox watching you dance

thinkin’ ooh ooh ooh ooh
you get on my nerves
I'm a foo ooh ooh ool
you better reimburse
All the things you do ooh ooh
Keep me down to earth
We’re both coo coo, coo coo
But somehow it works


Performed By: Macklemore, Windser
Produced By: Budo, Ryan Lewis
Additional Production By: Brian Wall
Written By: Tyler Andrews, Jordan Topf, Ben Haggerty, Ryan Lewis, Brian Wall, Joshua “Budo” Karp
Engineered by Jordan Santana
Mixed by Jon Castelli at The Gift Shop, Downtown Los Angeles
Engineer for mix Josh Deguzman
Mastering Engineer: Dale Becker
Mastered At: Becker Mastering (Pasadena, CA)
Mastering Assistant: Katie Harvey, Noah McCorkle
Date of Mastering: July 25, 2022
Immersive Mix Engineer: Jon Castelli and Mike Miller - Mixed at The Atmosphere (Los Angeles, CA)
Immersive Mix Assistant: Brad Lauchert and Tyler Smith

#Macklemore #Maniac
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