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New K-Pop Songs - February 2022 Week 2 - K-Pop ICYMI - K-Pop New Releases

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Get caught up with this week's new K-Pop Song releases and stuff I might have missed on my charts with K-Pop ICYMI (In Case You Missed It). Here's a spotlight on some of the latest K-Pop (including, Pop, Hip-Hop, Rock, Dance and K-Indie) releases for February 2022 Week 2 (week ending February 12, 2022).

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Quick Index:
0:00 AC Block
5:50 OST Block
7:56 K-Indie / Rock Block
11:38 Dance Block
13:05 R&B / Hip-Hop Block
17:09 Pop Block

AC Block:
[email protected] - Letter (편지)
Park Hyeon Seo (박현서) - Shoulder (어깨)
Siha (시하) - Sorry For Not Being Nice To You (미안해 더 잘 해주지 못한 게)
Joy O'Clock (조이어클락) - I Think Of You Back Then (그때의 너를 떠올려)
Lee Euntak (이은탁) - The Only Path For Me (가야만 하는 길)
Jeong Ui Man (정의만) - From Now On (이제는)
Zamgolbers (잠골버스) - My Heart is Still There (못해준 게 많아서)
Soul People (소울사람들) - Winter in Your Eyes (너의 눈에 겨울)
Hwang In Wook (황인욱) - Gangbyeonbukro (강변북로)
Dept Feat. Kelsey Kuan (뎁트) - About Time
Roydo (로이도) - Congratulations (축하해)
sogak sogak (소각소각) - Hello, Earth (어서 와, 지구)
Young Tak (영탁) - Wanna Go Get Some Abalone (전복 먹으러 갈래)
Kassy (케이시) - I Will Always Love You (언제나 사랑해)
Kim Kyung Hyun, KOHD (김경현, 코드) - Leave, Don't Leave (떠나가요, 떠나지마요)
Navi (나비) - Gift (선물) (2022)
Wonpil (원필) - Voiceless (안녕, 잘 가)
Big Mama (빅마마) - Like Nothing Happened (아무렇지 않은 척)
Huh Gak X So You (허각 X, 소유) - Fine
VIBE & Sohyang (바이브, 소향) - Lying (사랑하는 척)
Parc Jae Jung (박재정) - Love Message (한 걸음)

OST Block:
Janet Suhh (자넷서) - Beyond The Time (Bulgasal: Immortal Souls (불가살) OST)
Hajin (하진) - Alone (Artificial City (공작도시) OST)
Dong Geon & Jaeyoon (동건 & 재윤 (TO1)) - You Better Not (Ghost Doctor (고스트 닥터) OST)
Ailee (에일리) - Two Faced (슬픈 연극) (The Forbidden Marriage (금혼령) OST)
Park Bom (박봄) - My Reflection (Fight For My Own Way (쌈 마이웨이) OST)
Miyeon ((G)I-DLE) (미연 ((여자)아이들)) - Someday (Moonshine (꽃 피면 달 생각하고) OST)
Kim Jae Hwan (김재환) - Talk to Me (나에게 말해요) (Soundtrack #1 OST)
Jung Kook (정국) - Stay Alive (7 FATES: CHAKHO (세븐 페이츠: 착호) OST)

K-Indie / Rock Block:
Kimminseong (김민성) - The Human Condition (사람 마음)
Asian Boys, Crying (보이즈 크라잉) - Citipop (시티팝)
Kim HanOul (김한울) - Will I See You Today (아 오늘은)
GYE0M with Lee Yerin (겸, 이예린) - Keeping Thoughts (내 생각을 들려주지 않을 거예요)
Kim Pureum (김푸름) - Graduation (졸업식)
Kim Pureum (김푸름) - BlaCk and wHite (검은색 하얀색)
Hon’z - White Swan
Hwanho (화노) - Taxi
onthedal - Your window
The Vane (더 베인) - Umbrella (우산)
SONIC STONES (소닉스톤즈) - The Beginning of the End
Rolling Quartz (롤링쿼츠) - Good Night
OuiOui (위위) - See You Soon
The Night of Seokyo Feat. ZEROJU (서교동의 밤, 제로주) - In Your Eyes

EDM/Dance Block:
Nody Cika (노디시카) - Mars Migration Plan (화성이주계획)
AIR TRANSURFER (에어트랜서퍼) - Won't You Come To Me House? (우리집에 안 올래?)
Gosrak K (고스락 K) - Stay Dance Floor
Josee (조제) - John 999
015B Feat. Kim Jae Woo (공일오비, 김재우) - Poco

R&B / Hip-Hop Block:
LEW & Yvng Nelly (루) - Regrets
NeD (네드) - Have Something Going On (친구 아닌 연인 사이로)
Junghoon Feat. ROSESIA (정훈, 로즈시아) - Collapse (무너져)
Park Myung Ho Feat. Kang Sang Eun (박명호, 경상은) - Do It! (해요)
ROJO (로호) - Stargazing (별)
920 (구이공) - JJiJil E (찌질2)
Joe Feat. OL vine (조) - Trip (야반도주)
TAGGER & Kit - Campaign (캠페인)
G.Nine - boston
NINE9 (나인) - Honesty (솔직하지 못해서)
Choyoung Feat. Nuksal (초영) - Free
Minit Feat. Jayci Yucca, Mirani (미란이) - Throw (반복)
lIlBOI X TAKEONE (릴보이, 김태균) - Refresh
KIMMUSEUM (김뮤지엄) - Scope
Ravi Feat. Ash Island (라비) - Winner

Pop Block:
Choi HEART (최하트) - Elastic Love
Hawoong (하웅) - Last Party
LIMKIM feat. Anej Piletič (림킴) - Love You More
Def. - Want U
OnlyOneOf (온리원오브) - Suit Dance
Ha Sung Woon (하성운) - Can't Live Without You
Moonbin & Sanha (문빈 & 산하) - Ghost Town
VIVIZ (비비지) - Bop Bop!

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