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New K-Pop Songs - May 2022 Week 2 - K-Pop ICYMI - K-Pop New Releases

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Week 3 is coming soon!

Get caught up with this week's new K-Pop Song releases and stuff I might have missed on my charts with K-Pop ICYMI (In Case You Missed It). Here's a spotlight on some of the latest K-Pop (including, Pop, Hip-Hop, Rock, Dance and K-Indie) releases for May 2022 Week 2 (week ending May 14, 2022).

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Quick Index:
0:00 AC Block
6:06 OST Block
8:16 K-Indie / Rock Block
11:02 Dance Block
11:18 R&B / Hip-Hop Block
15:29 Pop Block

AC Block:
YOON WON (윤원) - shine on you (내일 더 빛날 너에게)
Song Heejin (송희진) - Sanctuary
Coda Bridge (코다 브릿지) - See You In The Evening (저녁에 시간 어때요)
Shin Hyun Woo (신현우) - Will I Be Able To Love Again_(다시 사랑할 수 있을까)
Kang Jimin (강지민) - There's someone like that (그런 사람이 생겼어요)
Aria.J (정아리아) - Such A Love (그까짓 사랑)
Quinsha (퀸샤) - Raining Stars (하늘엔 쏟아지는 많은 별들)
Woonyul (서운율 (정상)) - I Hope You're Happy (행복하길 바랄게)
Jeong Jaeha (정재하) - Promise (약속)
Jeon Do Eul (전도을) - Remind (소운 (疏韻))
Mose (모세) - Already Grown Up (어느새 어른)
Kim Gihyeon (김기현) - Care About (눈치만 보다가)
Lee Boram (이보람) - Attitude
Lee Ju Hyuk (이주혁) - Meet You At The Laundromat (세탁소에서 만나요)
GODAK Feat. Sojeong (고닥, 이소정) - I'm Fine (괜찮아, 아무렇지 않아)
Park Boram, In Sooni (박보람, 인순이) - You Will Shine (내일이 빛날 테니까)
Airman Feat. 1ho, 0back (공기남) - I Will Stop (잠시멈출래)
Song Ha Yea (송하예) - Don't Be Nice To Me (함부로 다정하게)
Hwang Chi Yeul (황치열) - Why (왜 이제와서야)
Jung Seung Hwan (정승환) - And The End (안녕이란 말)
Lim Young Woong (임영웅) - I Love You (사랑해 진짜)
Jannabi (잔나비) - Grippin' The Green (초록을거머쥔우리는)

OST Block:
Kwak Jin Eon (곽진언) - A Kind Of Confession (일종의 고백) (Male Ver.) (My Liberation Notes (나의 해방일지) OST)
LUCY - Feel So Good (Gonzza (공짜) OST)
Hwa Ryeo (화려) - Walking (걷기) (Two Different Woojoo (두 명의 우주) OST)
L. Sujeong (엘수정) - Again (들이켜줘) (Two Different Woojoo (두 명의 우주) OST)
BEN (벤) - My Only One (내게 단 한 사람) (Tomorrow (내일) OST)
Seori - Beautiful Night (Seoul Check-In (서울체크인) OST
Ji Chang Wook (지창욱) - Do You Believe In Magic? (당신 마술을 믿습니까?) (The Sound of Magic (안나라수마나라) OST)
Sondia, Vincent Blue (빈센트블루) - My Secret, My Everything (그렇게 넌 나의 비밀이 되었고) (Sh**ting Stars (별똥별) OST)

K-Indie / Rock Block:
Smiin (스민) & Coral J - Day I (날)
Bongtist (봉티스트) - Don't pretend you're okay (아무렇지 않은 척하지 마요)
Summer (섬머) - Fishes Can Walk in Their Dreams (물고기는 다리의 꿈을 꾼다)
Say Sue Me (세이수미) - No Real Place
Mewmung (뮤뭉) - Girl (소녀)
Dallian (달리안) - My Secret Place (나만의 비밀 장소)
SSUP - Escape
Son Jin Wook (손진욱) - Paradigm
Monday Off With Bluesy Feat. quinn_ - LUSH

EDM/Dance Block:

R&B / Hip-Hop Block:
LimJi (림지) - Q&A (니 맘은 YES)
mosh - Sin City
Fliegen (플리겐) - Stupid
Kim Kyu Jong (김규종) - Oasis (Go With Me)
Roh Yun Ha Feat. lobonabeat! (노윤하) - Far Post
unofficialboyy Feat. BRAWL STARS (브롤스타즈) - SUR_VIBE (해보자고 어)
Durden` (더든) - shewantsomeicecream
Manny Feat. YSAP - 24hrs
Luke - White Noise
wooseojun Feat. Aiboy - Love me more
D.Ark - Bye (잘 지내)
Summer Park (박여름) - Love Me Like
Twlv (트웰브) - Playboy
NeD (네드) - Save Me (사람 하나 살리는 셈 치고)
Bluelk Feat. Blasé (블루엘크) - Call You Back
CL - Chuck

Pop Block:
Moon Sujin & Jiselle (지젤) - Only U (Original ver. )
Seo actor Feat. J.O.Y (서액터) - All Beginning
CobiCudi (코비쿠디) - One and a Half (일과 이분의 일)
Yezi (예지) - Acacia (아카시아)
PSY Feat. Jessi - Ganji
Peakboy (픽보이) - She is
T1419 (티일사일구) - Run Up (Korean Version)
Ciipher (싸이퍼) - Fame
Jeong Sewoon (정세운) - Roller Coaster
WOOSUNG (김우성) - Phase Me
B.I Feat. DeVita (비아이) - BTBT
TREASURE (트레저) - DARARI (다라리) (Remix)
TXT (투모로우바이투게더) - Good Boy Gone Bad

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