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New K-Pop Songs - January 2022 Week 3 - K-Pop ICYMI - K-Pop New Releases

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Get caught up with this week's new K-Pop Song releases and stuff I might have missed on my charts with K-Pop ICYMI (In Case You Missed It). Here's a spotlight on some of the latest K-Pop (including, Pop, Hip-Hop, Rock, Dance and K-Indie) releases for January 2022 Week 2 (week ending January 15, 2022).

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Quick Index:
0:00 AC Block
3:50 OST Block
6:57 K-Indie / Rock Block
8:54 Dance Block
10:31 R&B / Hip-Hop Block
13:24 Pop Block

AC Block:
Hong Eunki (홍은기) - Dear. (어떤마음)
Son Taejin (손태진) - Today (오늘)
Kim Se Young (김세영) - Starry Night (별이 빛나는 밤에)
Kim Min Seo (김민서) - Emptiness (공허)
015B Feat. Yeona (공일오비) - The Time Cure (치료제)
Kim Jae Seok (김재석) - End of This Night
2NB (투앤비) - Will I Be Able To Love You Again? (이제 다시 사랑할 수 있을까)
SWAN (수안) - Road in the Light
Lena Park (박정현) - Another Winter (다시 겨울이야)
Jung Dakyung Feat. Soyeon (정다경, 소연) - Tell Him To Go (가라그래)
Kangta (강타) - Slow Dance
Sugarbowl (슈가볼) - Not My Story (이젠 나와 상관없는 얘기)
1ho, 0back, Daowl - It Would Have Been The Same (똑같았을거야)
LYn (린) - Pyeong Saeng (평생)

OST Block:
Nerd Connection (너드커넥션) - Lullaby (Through The Darkness (악의 마음을 읽는 자들) OST)
Coral J Feat. NOVA, FreeFreeFreedum (자유), SHARKRAMA (샤크라마) - ZONE (The Blob (웹툰 액괴) OST)
Shin Ji Hoo (POSTMEN) (신지후 (포스트맨)) - Time To Fly (날개) (Idol Recipe (아이돌 레시피) OST)
Fromm (프롬) - Love Bubble (A Deadbeat's Meal (백수세끼) OST)
LUCY - Fly High (날아올라) (Moonshine (꽃 피면 달 생각하고) OST)
Minseo (민서) - Missing You (너를 바라만 보는 게) (Moonshine (꽃 피면 달 생각하고) OST)
Ladieu (라듀) - Moon Light (월하) (Tainted With You (물들여) OST)
Yoo Hyun Woo (유현우) - Like That Time (그때처럼) (Tainted With You (물들여) OST)
KIKO (키코) - SKY (Behind Cut (비하인드컷) OST)
2AM - One Second, One Minute, One Hour (1초 1분 1시간) (Something Between Us (사귄건 아닌데) OST)
Sam Kim (샘김) - Summer Rain (여름비) (Our Beloved Summer (그 해 우리는) OST)
Yang Yoseob (양요섭) - Even Now (아직도 좋아해) (Our Beloved Summer (그 해 우리는) OST)

K-Indie / Rock Block:
howaho (호와호) - Stay
Irda (이르다) - Burn Out (무기력증)
Jooboring (주보링) - J And Pilgrims (J와 순례자들)
OL vine Feat. Sue Kim (오엘바인) - Close Your Eyes
Wonill (원일) - MONOCHROME (흰검)
Youth Death Heaven (유대해) - Viper Snake (살모사)
Yiswave - PISA

EDM/Dance Block:
KIMYO (기묘) - sunset
JUNG with Sungeun, kimmineralwater - idc
Animal Divers - Drive through the purple city
LOVE X STEREO (러브엑스테레오) - ALL3
KOM - Adrenaline
AOORA Feat. Oh, My Friend! (아우라) - Birthday Cake

R&B / Hip-Hop Block:
BAU Feat. Cid, Claire Hau - Pado
Jeong Bulta with Illsesions (정불타와 일세션스) - Night of City (도시의 밤)
MUFFIN (머핀) - Console (위로)
LEW, Dollarsignpark (루, 스파크) - Blurry (희미해지는 기억들에 대하여)
Austn (오스틴) - Drowning
GOGICHOI (최고기) - Hell Bound (지옥)
Webley (웨블리) - Take#
CITI (시티) - Talk
GIRIBOY Feat. SOLE (기리보이) - One Snowy Day (눈이 오던 날)
HYOLYN Feat. Jooyoung (효린) - Layin' Low
DinDin Feat. Keem Hyo Eun. The Quiett, Don Mills (딘딘, 김효은, 던밀스) - Fire (불)

Pop Block:
OH MY KIM and JANG (오마이김앤장 (장성규, 김기리, 효정)) - Please Don’t Leave Me (헤어, 지지말자)
ONEUS (원어스) - What You Doing
P1Harmony (피원하모니) - Peacemaker
MOMOLAND X NATTI NATASHA (모모랜드) - Yummy Yummy Love
Yukika & Kim Mijeong (유키카, 김미정) - Moonset (긴 밤)
MIRAE (미래소년) - Marvelous
OnlyOneOf (온리원오브) - skinz
Kim Yo Han (김요한) - Dessert
MAX CHANGMIN (최강창민) - Maniac
MAX CHANGMIN (최강창민) - Devil
ENHYPEN (엔하이픈) - Blessed-Cursed

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