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Slow Shamanic Tantra Music - Shamanic Drum & Kalimba Meditation | Calm Whale

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A very slow, gentle, beautiful shamanic tantra love music. Ideal as a spiritual soundbath, yoga or deep tantric love experience music. With deep, warm yet firm sound of the shaman drum. Awakening, healing, stimulating kundalini, stimulating Qi flow & meridian response, expanding one's consciousness. Promoting stillness & inner peace where two bodies & two souls make one. Where you dissolve into oneness. DMT & Pineal Gland Activation soundscape.
This meditation contains shaman drum, kalimba (played with a soft stick) & skin sounds.
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Check out also my music with kalimba and shaman drum :
▶ Beautiful Kalimba Meditation https://youtu.be/qPCG2MSGpvc
▶ Shaman Drumming Journey https://youtu.be/w3gmhM9teQU

Contact: [email protected]
Bandcamp: https://whaleloryb.bandcamp.com
FB: https://www.facebook.com/calmtrance

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