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Death in Venice - Britten - Teatro La Fenice

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Two-act opera on a libretto by Myfanwy Piper based on the novel by Thomas Mann.
Cast: Marlin Miller, Scott Hendricks, Alessandro Riga. Conductor Bruno Bartoletti.
Set in Venice, the English composer's beloved city, Death in Venice is Britten's last opera, written between 1971 and 1973.
The opera is written for only three singers: a tenor (Von Aschenbach), a counter-tenor (the voice of Apollo) and a baritone who covers all the other roles, whilst the young Tadzio and his family are dancers.
The music is complex, modern and intense.
Death in Venice depicts Gustav von Aschenbach's long journey to rediscover the meaning of art and beauty. His initiation is dramatic, painful and fatal.
Thanks to the creative touch of Pier Luigi Pizzi, all the rest is beauty, elegance, stillness and a pervading sense of gloom and, alas, death.
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