OM HARI OM Mantra Meditation | 11 Mins of Meditation Music

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OM HARI OM Mantra Meditation | 11 Mins of Meditation Music
The word HARI comes from Hara, means the force that takes away, force that removes. Hari is the remover, remover of pain, remover of negativity, remover of obstacles. ‘Om’ is the primordial cosmic vibration from which sprang the entire cosmos and all creation. Thus OM HARI OM . is a universal mantra that removes suffering. This mantra contains within itself the cosmic vibration.
If you want to remove negativity within yourself and around you, chant this wonderful mantra. Meditate upon it. As you chant Hari, imagine that all you suffering, pain, negativity is being taken away and is replaced by OM... the vibration of OM . Pure, Divine, Powerful and Positive energy is taking its place.
Go Deeper. Connect and support others down below! Cultivate Mindfulness. Breathe Fully. Remember the journey itself is the reward!
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